Our Unique Exercise & Sports Science Lab utilises only Gold Standard Analysis Methods, validated and proven reliable through extensive independent research by the Academic and Medical Fraternities. Best practise testing includes
  • BodPod – Body Composition
  • Indirect Calorimetry – Metabolism Analysis
  • Metabolic Cart – VO2 Max Fitness Testing
  • Functional Movement Screening Batteries
  • Strength & Power Analysis


Bodyology’s Research Grade Chamber is Victoria’s first commercially available Simulated Altitude Training Facility. Gain the performance and acclimatisation benefits of training at altitude without restrictive mask systems, or having to travel. Previously restricted to elite athletes, Bodyology makes this advanced training method available to trekkers, athletes of all levels and general health clientele alike.


Bodyology works in conjunction with Musashi and PowerBar in the Musashi High Performance Centre in Melbourne. A state-of-the-art training facility, our clients experience an exclusive high class training environment enjoyed by some of Australia’s leading athletes. With over 35 years of combined Strength & Conditioning experience between the 3 University qualified Exercise Science Directors, you can rest assured you are being trained by the best.


One of Bodyology’s primary aims is to educate our clients on the fundamentals and advanced methods of effective training and nutrition strategies to reach their goals. Through 1-on-1 consults, group / team seminars, through TV appearances or expert magazine and web columns our Tertiary Exercise Science backgrounds and Industry experience within Elite sporting settings (servicing AFL, NRL, VIS & AIS athletes) and general health settings allow us to teach our clients not only HOW & WHAT to do, but also WHY.


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    Jane Watts

    I rely on Andy’s &Bodyology's scientific approach
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    The gold standard diagnostics that Bodyology provide
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    Thank you for all the work that you have been doing with the Australian
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    Shane Prekins

    Altitude training under the guidance of Michael
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    Caroline Buchannan

    I travel to Melbourne from Canberra so Bodyology
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    Trent Rawlins

    Thanks for the help Andrew. The Bod Pod along with your advice
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BODYOLOGY – THE WHAT –Elite Fitness for Melbourne


What Can our Melbourne based fitness analysis, personal training, weight loss and fitness program do for you?

Bodyology is a unique Elite Health & Fitness Operation designed to support, educate, and push athletes and general health clients, through the use of our testing methods and fitness programs, to achieve optimal performance and health.

Bodyology boasts an Exercise Science Lab with University Grade Analysis Equipment, a World Class Strength Training Facility, and Victoria's First Simulated Altitude Training Room. They provide professional and developing athletes, as well as the general public in Melbourne with an elite health & fitness experience like no other.

Bodyology is owned and operated by Exercise Scientists Ben Griffin, Michael Chiovitti and Andrew Garlick who continually gauge Bodyology's success by their clients' achievements. They offer a unique analysis and personal training program for residents of Melbourne that is constantly evolving and changing to provide the most effective of fitness programs.


bodyology bodyology

BODYOLOGY – THE WHO – Analysis, Personal Training and Weight Loss for All of Melbourne


We Offer Elite Fitness and Personal Training for Everyone in Melbourne.

Bodyology offers personal training services and an effective weight loss programs for all a varied population of Melbourne residents and interstate visitors. • Athletes & Teams
Professional, Development, Recreational
• General Health
Weight Loss Program for Melbourne Residents, Fitness programs, Muscle Gain, Health & Wellbeing, Rehabilitation (muscular, cardiac, neuro), General Conditioning
• Trekkers / Climbers
Pre-acclimatise & prepare within our Altitude Chamber & avoid Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
• Military / Emergency Service Preparation
Get fully prepared for Army, Navy, Police, Fire Brigade Entrance Tests
• Corporate
Educate, monitor & train your staff to get the best out of them by starting with their physical well being
• Fitness Professionals
We encourage Personal Trainers & Fitness Educators to align with us and learn about our Exercise Science methodology

BODYOLOGY – THE WHY – Our Elite Fitness Approach Offers Melbourne Residents Results


Why Trust Bodyology?

With over 30-years industry experience between the 3 Directors, working in and supporting elite AFL and NRL programs, Institutes of Sport and other professional athletes, as well as in general health settings, Bodyology has the expertise and experience to support you in reaching your goals.A personal trainer will assist you in setting up a program and work with you to achieve your goals in our Melbourne facility.

Their elite testing and training methods are utilised by Special Force personnel such as the Navy Seals, by Olympians, within professional sports like the NFL, by Elite teams like Richmond FC, within International Sports Institutes and are used in clinical and academic research settings the world over.

It is not only their gold standard analysis and training methods, but the expertise and practical experience within their team of Exercise Scientists and Strength and Conditioning specialists that mould their fitness programs to provide results based interventions for their clients. It is their aim to provide the best advice and support available to those motivated enough to take the first step and reach out to them.Ask about their wide range of fitness programs and fat loss programs for the residents of Melbourne.



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March 28th 2013

Bodyology has had an enormous start to 2013..... Its been great having the Dandenong Rangers girls training with us under Mic's guidance on the gym floor and in the Altitude Chamber, making their way into the Finals. The Box Hill Hawks have been training hard in Altitude with Ben and gearing up for another solid season. Andy's been monitoring the Richmond Tigers boys' condition closely with the Bodpod over the preseason. Ben's been keeping up the Bodyology reputation of practising what we preach by pulling in a 9:02 Ironman performance in Melbourne. We've helped Freddie Tukes gain the Australian Welterweight Championship through his intense training in the Altitude chamber and we're happy to have Sam Soliman prepping with us for his next fight also................ heaps still to come in 2013

December 13th 2012

Ben, Mic and Andy wish all Bodyology followers a happy and safe festive season. We have had a huge finish to 2012 seeing the Dandenong Rangers (WNBL) training hard under Michael's guidance in the gym and the Altitude Chamber, the Box Hill Hawks (VFL) trying there hand in the Altitude Chamber for a solid start to the pre-season with Ben keeping them on their toes, and the Richmond Tigers (AFL) and Melbourne Rebels (Super Rugby) having their body composition tracked with Andy and the BODPOD.

2012 has seen some amazing talent through our doors from elite teams and Professional Athletes, to Amateurs and Development Squads and our weekend warriors and weight loss clients who just want to learn the right way to approach things.

Thanks to all of our followers and we look forward to seeing you in the gym next year.

October 2nd 2012

Bodyology teams up with the Altitude Academy. March and November 2013 will see the first Mt Everest Base Camp Professional Development Program. Starting with 8 weeks preparation with Bodyology in Melbourne including advanced testing and altitude specific training, this program will challenge clients to reach Mt Everest Base Camp and beyond in a true test of character, developmetn and leadership. Visit our friends at

September 20th 2012

Thanks to satisfied Altitude and Analysis client Stewart Lopez for his kind words:

"Thanks so much for not just today, but the last 4 weeks, you guys are serious professionals. What I have learnt over the past few weeks is exactly what I have been looking for. Since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago I have taken a serious interest in my health and fitness,and  in a strange way having diabetes has got me on the fitness path, which most 45 year olds are not on. Combine that with a general interest in cycling and the mix was perfect. I have read a lot over the past 3 years about what you guys are about, most of it confusing, and the tests today put so much into perspective, and gave me clarity. There is no doubt you guys are a class act, take your work seriously, and the 3 of you should be proud of what you have achieved. I have spoken and referred many others to you, and must say many of the more serious riders are aware of what you are about."

August 10th 2012

In order to prepare Melbourne based Ironman Hawaii competitors for the gruelling conditions in Kona this year Bodyology is now offering combined Heat and Altiude Training. Breaking out of the cold winter to work at 3500m at 30 degrees inside the Altitude Chamber will stress our athletes to the max to get them set for the intense conditions they will face in Hawaii. Contact us for more details.

August 8th 2012

Bodyology launches our revamped website. We hope you find the navigation easier and information more helpful for you to continue to interact with us. We will be continually updating our Youtube video clips with training tips and sports science updates, so be sure to bookmark us and check in regularly for updates and the latest videos. Remember to 'like us' through our facebook link above and keep up-to-date with our news and get involved and prompt fitness discussions within the Bodyology community.

July 1st 2012
Bodyology was named as a National Finalist in the Commonwealth Banks Better Business Booster Small Business Awards. Chosen as the Victoria / Tasmanian finalist Bodyology competed against 4 other businesses for the title. Unfortunately we didn't take the title, however the recognition, support and business mentoring from the Commonwealth Bank team made for a great experience.