Our Unique Exercise & Sports Science Lab utilises only Gold Standard Analysis Methods, validated and proven reliable through extensive independent research by the Academic and Medical Fraternities. Best practise testing includes
  • BodPod – Body Composition
  • Indirect Calorimetry – Metabolism Analysis
  • Metabolic Cart – VO2 Max Fitness Testing
  • Functional Movement Screening Batteries
  • Strength & Power Analysis


Bodyology’s Research Grade Chamber is Victoria’s first commercially available Simulated Altitude Training Facility. Gain the performance and acclimatisation benefits of training at altitude without restrictive mask systems, or having to travel. Previously restricted to elite athletes, Bodyology makes this advanced training method available to trekkers, athletes of all levels and general health clientele alike.


Bodyology works in conjunction with Musashi and PowerBar in the Musashi High Performance Centre in Melbourne. A state-of-the-art training facility, our clients experience an exclusive high class training environment enjoyed by some of Australia’s leading athletes. With over 35 years of combined Strength & Conditioning experience between the 3 University qualified Exercise Science Directors, you can rest assured you are being trained by the best.


One of Bodyology’s primary aims is to educate our clients on the fundamentals and advanced methods of effective training and nutrition strategies to reach their goals. Through 1-on-1 consults, group / team seminars, through TV appearances or expert magazine and web columns our Tertiary Exercise Science backgrounds and Industry experience within Elite sporting settings (servicing AFL, NRL, VIS & AIS athletes) and general health settings allow us to teach our clients not only HOW & WHAT to do, but also WHY.


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    Jane Watts

    I rely on Andy’s &Bodyology's scientific approach
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    The gold standard diagnostics that Bodyology provide
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    Thank you for all the work that you have been doing with the Australian
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    Shane Prekins

    Altitude training under the guidance of Michael
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    Caroline Buchannan

    I travel to Melbourne from Canberra so Bodyology
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    Trent Rawlins

    Thanks for the help Andrew. The Bod Pod along with your advice
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BODYOLOGY PPS – An elite training and testing centre that boasts an exercise lab, altitude training room and world class strength facility designed to assist athletes and general health clients achieve optimal performance and health.

Bodyology PPS is a unique Elite Health & Fitness Operation designed to support, educate, and push athletes and general health clients.

Our Exercise Science Lab with University Grade Analysis Equipment, a World Class Strength Training Facility, and Victoria's First Simulated Altitude Training Room provide professional and developing athletes, as well as Melbourne's general public, an elite health & fitness experience like no other. We offer a unique analysis and personal training program for residents of Melbourne that is constantly evolving and changing to provide the most effective of fitness programs.

We gauges our success by our clients' achievements. 


bodyology bodyology

WHO – Personal Training, Testing and Analysis, Weight Loss, Altitude Acclimation for all of Melbourne Athletes & general health clients

• General Health & Diet
Weight Loss programs for Melbourne Residents, Strength and Conditioning, Health, Fitness & Wellbeing programs, Rehabilitation (muscular, cardiac, neuro), General Conditioning, Daily Calorie intake, Body Composition Analysis, 
• Performance Athletes
Strength and Conditioning, Muscle Gain, Triathlon, Cycling & Running programs, Altitude Training, Body Composition Analysis, VO2 Testing, Heart Rate Training Zones 
• Trekkers / Climbers
Pre-acclimatise & prepare within our Altitude Chamber & avoid Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
• Military / Emergency Service Preparation
Get fully prepared for Army, Navy, Police, Fire Brigade Entrance Tests
• Corporate
Educate, monitor & train your staff to get the best out of them by starting with their physical well being
• Teams (Professional & Recreational)
   Pre-season training, Altitude training, Strength & Conditioning, 
• Health & Fitness Professionals
We encourage Dietitians, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers & Fitness Educators to align with us and learn about our methodology

WHY – Our approach delivers Results


Why Trust Bodyology?

We have the expertise and experience to support you in reaching your goals with our testing and training methods are utilised by Olympians, within professional sports like the AFL, A-League and NRL, Australian and International Sports Institutes plus clinical and academic research settings the world over.

It is not only the gold standard analysis and training methods, but the expertise and practical experience within the team of specialists that mould fitness programs to provide results based interventions. It is our aim to provide the best advice and support available to those motivated enough to take the first step and reach out. Ask about our wide range of fitness programs and fat loss programs for the residents of Melbourne.


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Bodyology has had a cracking start to 2015. Highlights include working with the VFL and Southern Football League teams to assist their pre-season. The Altitude Chamber has been busy with Ironman Melbourne competitors gaining a distinct advantage over their competition with 6-12 weeks of lead in training and we have number of clients preparing to achieve their goals of summiting Mt Kilimanjaro or Base Camp Everest.

Body Composition Analysis testing (BodPod) has been in full flight with FebFast and plenty wanting to know the real improvements they are making in 12 week challenges or personal goal setting.

The great mix of athletes and general health clients has continued to make Bodyology a great place to be thanks to all of our clients.