Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

The Science and Physiology behind achieving specific changes in the human body goes far beyond achieving the appropriate sets and reps range in strength training and burning energy whilst doing aerobic exercise.

Strength training regimens need to be specifically setup in order to achieve optimal results for individuals in line with their specific goals in regards to strength and conditioning. For example, sport specific training looking at increasing Explosive Power will be very different to training in an attempt to promote muscle growth and strength. Stamina and endurance training will be different than specific fat reduction training techniques. Rehabilitation and Functional Movement Training will have a different focus and intensity to a raw strength training program.

A Strength and Conditioning Program Needs Specific Goals

It is for the above reasons that having specific goals is very important in order to help develop your strength training program. This not only applies to each individual session, but further to the whole approach looking at weekly strength training schedules and also periodising training to achieve the best results with sufficient opportunities for rest and recovery and peaking at the right time also.

We can Help You Get the Strength and conditioning Results You are After

There are plenty of ways to train and achieve great results and using traditional strength training methods, as well as proven emerging strength training techniques, at the same time paying particular attention to exercise progression and evolving training styles, is Bodyology’s approach. Ensuring safe and effective technique in every strength training program is paramount to ensuring injury free progression.

Avoiding or breaking training plateaus is another very important part of any strength training routine. Changing exercises too often will inhibit the body from adapting in the desired direction, but staying stale by performing the same split routine and exercises for too long will result in an ineffective stimulus for eliciting change also.

The bottom line is that the need for an individualised, and evolving approach to strength training is paramount. What works for one person won’t necessarily work as well for the next, nor will it necessarily always work to the same effect in the future.

Strength & Conditioning Literature

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